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Damar Laut Resort

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SuCCeSfulL oF TheM (3)


Alhamdulillah..hari ni Tuhan bagi kesihatan yang baik dari semalam(dah 2hari badan rasa panas tak berapa sihat). Hari ni cuma nak  kongsi inspirasi aku dengan kawan2 yang senasib. Aku memang tak pernah jemu untuk cari perkara2 yang berkaitan azoospermia ni...dan beberapa hari lepas aku terbaca dari satu forum mengenai kejayaan mereka dalam menangani masalah yang sama :-

"Hi...Finally I can give some good news for those who are dealing with Azoospermia. I have been waiting for 3 years to be able to post on here and give good news. DH has NOA azoospermia. Unexplained. And he was 30 when we discovered it, in the prime of his life, a real man's man. What a devastating blow to him! After more than 2 years of pussyfooting around, (in July 2009) we went to do the testis biopsy and the doctors actually said he had NECROSIS (!!!) on one testicle. And no sign of sperm. On the other side, they found SPERMATID (not even sperm! And only 3 of them!!!) Our chances seemed pretty slim.

But the nurse we were dealing with was magnificent. As far as she was concerned, as long as SOMETHING was found, we had hope. And then 2 weeks ago we went for the EC and ET...In seaching further in DH's cryogenically frozen tissue, they found another 11 spermatid (NOT SPERM). They tried to fertilize nonetheless, since 14 eggs had been retrieved from me. Well, the next day, they told us that 12 out of 14 had fertilized! OMG!!! We did a 3dt, and to our (and the doctors and nurses) utter amazement, 7 of the fertilized eggs were grade 1! (i.e 8 cells or better), 4 were grade 2 (6-7 or better) and 1 was grade 3 (around 5 cells). They transferred 3 embies that day and we settled into the 2ww.

I had been scrutinizing my body for symptoms, are my boobs looking bigger? Do I have any veins? Do I feel nauseous? NOTHING! Yesterday was 10dp3dt...and I just could not resist. I did a HPT...and to my utter delight, a second line showed up! I wish I had a scanner so I could show the cynics! miracles do happen!

My hubby had NOA with no sperm, not even in the testes! Only spermatid! If you dont know what spermatid are, they are immature sperm, sperm without the tail. And yet, this is our first ICSI, and we got a BFP! I am doing my beta test tomorrow. BTW, my DH's FSH level was also really really high. 35. Yikes! And also, I have gone through horrible doctors telling me things like "Now dont be upset, but you probably wont have kids," or "your chances are pretty slim", or the "prognosis is really poor with these spermatids". Oh yeah? Then explain 12 eggs fertilizing Grade 1? And explain my 2 lines on the HPT? Have faith. Miracles DO happen in spite of what the doctors tell you. His testis biopsy was brutal. Not a tiny little slit, because those dont really work because the area targeted is small. This was full out biopsy with a HUGE chunk of tissue removed, and the embryologist sifted through it for hours and found only 3 on the day of the biopsy. This sounds bad but he has 1 1/2 testicles left. Yes, he was slaughtered.

I used to hunt and hunt for posts like this, and I saw very few. I promised that I would write on here the day I got my BFP, because I know that there are plenty of women like me. If you have questions or anything at all, please contact me. I know what you are going through because I have lived through this. And I finally got my positive yesterday! I still feel like this is a dream, but I tested again today using clearblue, and the result is BFP again! We live in South Africa, which contrary to what a lot of people think, is highly advanced in areas of medicine (after all, the first heart transplant was done right here in Cape Town, South Africa, by Dr Chris Barnaard). The procedure I did was ICSI, which has a greater success rate than with IVF. Look it up. Email me through this site and I will give you my private email address if you want to talk more. I will happily answer any questions you may have. Write "azoospermia" in the subject heading so I know its not spam. As I said, I have lived through this everyday since the day I got married and I remember feeling so lost when I would scour the websites and people would not reply back to me once they got their good news. I swore I would never be like that. Forget all those who are still looking for answers. If you want to even chat with me, I can even skype with you. It happened to us, it can happen to anyone else. NOA, no blockage, no sperm at all, necrosis (that means DYING TISSUE!) on one testicle, and here I am pregnant!"



  1. semoga kita juga akan beroleh kejayaan yang sama mcm tu...amin!

    1. kita sama2 usaha kawan2...chayokkk....in shaa Allah ada rezeki kita cpt atau lambt je...aminnn...