Damar Laut Resort

Damar Laut Resort

Friday, 21 June 2013

SuCceSSfuLL of TheM (1)


Pagi Jumaat ni..Alhamdulillah...sihat..sampai ofis pun awal..tapi tak sempat breakfast kat rumah..Everything goes smoothly. Dah 3 hari kesorangan di ofis memandangkan en. ketua gi outstsation. So..sakan la aku meng'update blog bila ade masa terluang..hehe. terluang la sangat..terbuang kot. Hari ni..aku nak share beberapa kejayaan masalah azoospermia yang mampu untuk punya zuriat sendiri. Kebanyakkan yang aku baca ni melalui forum-forum yang ditulis sendiri oleh tuan empunya badan. Aku tak berapa suka baca dari testimonial sesuatu produk atau bisness. Sebab aku kadang2 rase tak berapa nak percaya..kot2 la owner bisness tu ade manipulate ape2 ke kat testimonial dia kan!!!

So..ini aku share beberapa penulisan ibu-ibu yang telah berjaya hamil dari masalah yang sama macam kami..sorry la kalau yang aku ambik ni dari overseas punye forum..

1. My husband and I were very successful using acupuncture. I will try to make our very long story short. My husband was diagnosed with azoospermia about 4.5 years ago. He went for a biopsy which showed a zero sperm count but were still advised to proceed with the TESE procedure in hopes of finding a few sperm for IVF. We did TESE a year later and only few sperm were found. We ended up with bad quality embryos that didn't take. We were required to take two years off before we tried again because the surgery was so invasive. I took those two years to do a little research to see if there was anything my husband could do. I came across some great research on acupuncture and male infertility and decided to give it a try. While it is very expensive, we figured it was minimal compared to the cost of IVF/ICSI with the TESE procedure. We were willing to try anything. We were scheduled for IVF in June and my husband started going for acupuncture around Jan/Feb of that year. He went once a week. I began going around April once a week (I had no issues) and we both increased our sessions to two times per week in May. We went in for our scheduled IVF without having done a sperm analysis prior. I was hoping the acupuncture helped my husband have a few dozen sperm- the dr. came in that morning after doing a required sperm analysis before the surgery and my husband had 20 million sperm! He went from zero to 20 million! We couldn't believe it. We proceeded with the IVF because I was already cycling and now we have beautiful twins. I HIGHLY recommend acupuncture. It changed our life!

2.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, over a period of about 5 months (2x/week at first, then 1x/week towards the end), brought my husband from total azoospermia (0) to tens of thousands of high-quality sperm per ejaculate. By high quality, I mean good morphology and motility. That's not enough for IUI, but it is certainly enough for IVF. We got seven fertilized eggs through ICSI and I am currently in the "two-week wait." My husband had had testicular cancer (but no chemo or radiation) and unexplained testicular failure, but it worked.

We went to a very experienced (20+ years) practitioner. He doesn't specialize in infertility, per se, but he has treated plenty of patients for it in his 20+ years. My husband took some Chinese herb combinations--they mix these specifically for the patient, it's not something you can get in a store--and wheat germ oil, which is a great source of Vitamin E, a known fertility enhancer. There was also another Chinese herbal mixture he was suggesting that we declined to use because it is actually made in part with freeze-dried bull testicles (!). Apparently it works, but because of the cancer my husband's doctor said not to take anything that could contain hormones, and also my husband is a quasi-vegetarian, so we opted out of the bull testicles, haha. Who knows, maybe that would've made the treatment work better. But it worked, so we're thankful.

Ini..kejayaan mereka dalam usaha2 mereka...In sha Allah..kami pun boleh!!!!chaiyok..


  1. info yang menarik wiwie, pas ni saya nak cuba wat acupuntur jugak la.

    1. Cuba la..InsyaAllah..nanti kita tengok hasilnya.